Savvas ‘Tsetsos’ Limnatitis


Editor / Author / Journalist – Savvas Tsetsos Limnatitis

A Greek Cypriot born person and now resident of Australia – an author and writer, who holds a portfolio of publications, a journalist who is fluent in the Greek and Cypriot languages and dialects.

A true world citizen, he has lived in Cyprus, Zaire, Bahrain, Greece and migrated to Australia in the late 1980’s.

His experience in writing and journalism claims a resume which spans leading international Hellenic media and news papers such as:

O Kosmos  – Greek Herald – Epsilon Magazine – Ellinon Logos – Metropolis

Savvas – is passionate about the Hellenic people of the world and their history.

Interests: Getting behind a camera – photography


Recent published HU.Org articles:

The importance of being a Hellene

The ultimate destruction of Hellenism

Current working publications being produced:

Inaccessible Roads of Exodus  – “Αβατοι Δρομοι της Φυγης” – Greek

Dust in the Darkness – English

Completed publications:

Changing of the Guard – English

Same Deep Water – English