Interview with artist Nikos Tsokos: Living, breathing art

OR HOW A YOUNG GREEK ARTIST HAS MANAGED TO GAIN WORLD RECOGNITION AMONGST THE CACOPHONY THAT IS GREECE AT THIS POINT IN TIME Savvas Tsestos Limnatitis   Let’s get one thing straight: I am a staunch believer that the roots of great art have been buried deep in the soil of poverty, despair and heartache….

COMING SOON: Exclusive Interview – with Arthur Kokontis

INSIDE THE WORLD AND MIND OF A STOCK TRADER: Nothing off limits We interview Arthur Kokontis – a Banking and Finance professional with 15 years experience who has a background specialising in financial markets and equities, less formally known as Stock Markets. Arthur is the founder of a global markets research and proprietary trading firm….

Tip-toeing on the rooftops

Savvas Tsestos Limnatitis catches up with busy artist Noula Diamantopoulos   .   When Noula Diamantopoulos was in her mid-thirties she had an epiphany. One of those weird moments when a switch goes on inside you and everything changes. Irrevocably. She was benched over a table, making bombonieres for her godson’s christening when suddenly an…

Blazing her own trail

Category: Exclusive Interviews / People EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW WITH ARTIST/WRITER DORA KITINAS-GOGOS. – BY SAVVAS TSESTOS LIMNATITIS   Dora Kitinas-Gogos. Dianna Karezi. The latter is a well-known artist with a quite a few exhibitions under her belt and a vast number of artworks having found great homes in houses across Australia.  The latter is a new…