NEW PLAY AND READ POST: My Message to the Hellenic Republic of Greece

This is a Play and Read Post: Press play on video and read post or stories.

By Arthur Kokontis


Hellenic Republic of Greece Citizens- this is a strong and proud sovereign nation.

The citizens do not have a choice they have a national responsibility – they represent their nation, they hold and fly their Hellenic flag, they facilitate their tourist, they help the hungry and poor – they service the utilities and infrastructure.

They do not rely on an imperialist colony such as Britain to support their country.

The EUP is only a financial, trade, political scheme and migration system – this is not sovereign citizenship or ancestoral nationalist – just simply transactional systems.

The Hellenic Republic and its people are not being facilitated by the West or their hospitals, or their armies, they do it all alone.

Every Greek national – plays their role in being a proud national citizen and to fulfill a sovereign nations daily requirements of public utilities, transport, emergency services, accommodation etc.

The Greeks, are ready for all that crosses their paths, do not be fooled – if anything, now they have more resolve than ever before.

Our service women are serious and very protective of their nations internal and border affairs – and are strong, our local men on average 3rd tallest in the world – kind, focused and extremely intelligent – this is why Australia accepted 35K of our tradesmen and youth in the last 2 years.

But – the local Greeks, they stay firm, and they stay proud, and within tradition – Greece is not for sale – business will be as usual.
Believe me – ask a local man in any Greece city – who stands on average 6ft tall – in Athens – for his guidance – he will be kind and swift, and give you safety. But you will soon see that first and most of all – he is a protector of Greece.

As for selling off state assets and utilities, this is a trend around the world, especially in Australia, everything is almost privatised, because our governments believe in privatisation is for the future of peoples pensions – which I reallly do not agree in full with – but more analysis on this another time.




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