New PLAY AND READ POST: My Dear Greece

This is a Play and Read Post [PRP]: Instructions: Press play on video and read post or stories.

By Arthur Kokontis


My Dear Greece 

My eyes have seen enough – I have been with you for 30 days – I traveled your cities, I met my people, I paid respect to my ancestors, and yes with the wind they greeted me.

Yes I am on a mission to research and find the truth about this crisis, after all I am budding researcher and financial professional – it is my business to know the worlds problems.



I soon leave with a heavy heart … because I now see your challenges and your courage, but for many also hardship and neglect by government.

I guess this falls back on the so called European Parliament – the so called self imposed decision makers and its Troika lenders of opportunity the IMF, American and English banking corporations etc.

Somewhat text book stuff I studied in university in a subject called Emerging Markets – that cost me $4000, at the time I thought I was mad to pay for this course – now I see WOW…this is real! NGOs  [ Non Government Institutions ] as this do exploit nations!

I go away with knowing my work has begun and more work needs to be done, and will be done.

Greece has a thriving and replenished youth, beyond what I expected and would have imagined, cities filled with beautiful and pure youth, our youth!

I sat amongst them on restaurant tables, listened to the youth speak amongst each other – with envy – to learn what their eyes see and what their life experience is, how they see the world – and my heart sees purity and real Greek values carried by our nationalist youth and somewhat hope and courage.

I see the responsibility of the Hellenic government to put in place training programs, apprenticeships to skill this abundant youth – to fast track investment such as The Hellinikon in Athens,  to get their life moving – and stop playing political chess with these children’s lives – this is my message!

I gifted all beggars with enough for a meal and will continue to do so, I asked them of their story and hardship – and my prayers are with them.

I spoke to taxi drivers – the communities eyes and ears – and they tell me of the small income of $20 a day – and the struggle of their people – and yes of congestion problems in cities – and I offered a common solution. No access for private cars, only buses and taxis, in cities centres, this will also improve their business prospects – and yes I agree – No UBER in cities.

Yes the so called manufactured crisis – has dented their spirit – but not their courage.

As I said to all to those who asked – and kindly saw me as the outsider and traveller – there is 3 million to 5 million Greeks who live in developed nations – and they are watching and they care!

ΚΟΥΡΑΓΙΟ (Strength) – God bless you all


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