New PLAY AND READ POST: Οπος θελεται ! Transl: How Ever You Desire.

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By Arthur Kokontis


Relaxing @ The Star Casino Sydney – and declimatising from my trip to to Greece this August and September.

It is time to reflect on my observations of my recent trip to Greece – and plans for the future.

Happy that my research and analysis going forward will be from real life experience not just data and media reports.

Greece – I have you in my heart – but their is alot of work to be done – starting with reducing the cost of food and VAT taxes on food – and more importantly the peoples social responsibility and social behavior towards their neighbourhood and more importantly nation.

Well, Im sure my research reports in future will enlighten you all to the prospects of Greece and the real problems.

Like I said to all those that ask. Change must begin with the peoples wishes to be more conservative, responsible, compassionate, protective of each other, and awareness of the problems.

Policing and the Police need to be more vigilant to weed out migrant and foreigner behavior – as they run rampant and undeterred, steeling and robbing and disrespecting Greece.

Government needs to put Greece’s interest before EU, as their people are now suffering the highest cost of living in Europe relative to incomes.

People are earning and living off $4 / per hour salaries and earning on average $20 to $50 a day – and paying EUR $1.38 P/Ltr for petrol, random imposed wealth taxes, VAT on food of 24%, and groceries prices more expensive than the developed nations – this is outright ridiculous, and extremely damaging to the lower social classes, certainly not sustainable.

This is obviously a system that is corrupted on the EU, EC and IMF’s behalf, who now seem to have only their financial and political interest in mind.

Australia are constituents of the IMF, and probably one of the very few nations that apply the political architecture of Democracy [A Greek System] – and they should not condone such economic repression – as ethics would say – ” Do not do to others – as you would not do to you.”

As I said to the Greek people who asked me how do I see things in Greece.

My answer: Οπος θελεται ! Translation: How Ever You Desire.

My first point is: The peoples social behavior are the cause of their current financial and economic crisis.

My 2nd point is: If you do not evolve as people, and identify that you are the problem – it will be more of the same.

Dear fellow Greek: The first step to solving a problem – is knowing you have a problem!

All I can say is – alot of work needs to be done – but I now am sure you will draw from my strength and kind words – if we are Greeks – founders of democracy, sciences, mathematics, philosophers and all the amazing ancient history we carry, then start behaving like the people we promote we are.

Nevertheless – I believe there is hope for change – but sometimes you need find the route cause of the problem and acknowledge this.





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