Written by:
Debbie Papadakis Freelance Greek- Australian Journalist in Athens


ALEPPO a civil war that started in 19th July 2012 and is still going as armaments pour in from its borders supporting the Islamic rebels in the East while in defense government forces fight in the West in 2016..WAR IS UGLY..It is also hard defending your homes and property in defense of outside insurgence.

Aleppo the second largest commercial city of Syria with prominent buildings industry, Universities and Archeological museums and with 2.500 million people have not left their houses. These people who are Syrians and are nothing like the foreign invading forces.These people, who were educated and not war mongers are not in a state of civil war but are being infiltrated by foreign interests. Aleppo bordering the Islamic states who have come in and captured the East holding the city under siege for a while now.

Aleppo is a UNESCO Heritage city …What is the UN doing??? In this report and video posted by “The Guardian”, as we speak. there is a boy and thousands of children not older than the age of 5 who have not seen peace since the day he was born.

Is the destruction of an ancient civilization with the bombing of its heritage sites more significant than the acquisition of oil resources and gas reserves? Do the resources of any nation only belong to that nation or are wars instigated so that multinational companies step in? By raiding Aleppo and reducing it to rubble allows for others to claim it.What is happening to a Nation such as Syria which has existed for thousands of years?

It has always been the raiding forces since the 20th Century that have caused genocides in those regions such as Aleppo now and in Asia Minor in the past that have happened such as with Greeks and Armenians in 1905-1922 ever since some saw the wealth that existed and of course the sight of oil in the region just after WW1 and towards the end of WW2.

These wars are wars of resources wanting to be gained by multinationals, instigated by ;Lords of war’ behind ‘ the skirts’ of religion. These wars are no different to the ‘Economic war’ we in Greece are facing with the excess of the governments expenditure in maintaining public servants in their positions as a voting tool to keep politicians into power that negotiate taxation and austerity measures for the IMF and the ”Banking Lords’ behind these Macro Economic schemes.
Are small nations vulnerable to such scheming political ethics? Is it Greece’s turn next? Is this why Greece is being sent refugees to inundate without dispersing them equally to other Nations so that some form of ‘foreign intervention’ be needed and control be enforced??

Has any one thought that we are facing a ‘Crisis of Ethics’ which has bought and sold politicians in many nations, who have been used to devise policies that cause these frictions, instabilities and wars?

The human race is the only species of the natural world that has put the acquisition of resources above life…ANIMALS have not done that but Humans who claim to have intelligence have!!




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