Crunch time is the situation here… Surviving the Tidal Wave..will be the challenge my dear!


Freelance Greek /Australian Journalist: Debbie Papadakis (Athens)

In October 2008, I had written this poem in a poetry challenge; where people throughout the world gathered on line and discussed thought provoking topics that troubled people in societies. Naturally, the issues of Political and Economical Ethics were ‘sizzeling hot’.


The Poetic forum, focused on interesting issues, however, did not focus on the CAUSES of these social issues. They focused on the pictures and images, caught on camera through the eye of the photographic reporter: Pictures concerning Wars in the Arabian and Persian gulf by Industrial Nations with interests -using unorthodox access to foreign resources and energy ; That led to Crippled soldiers becoming a ‘burden’ to the government creating social issues; Then there were the unemployed people made redundant- once business transferred to a different location to shop for cheaper labour; Global warming- due to the lack of International policies to be implamented by national governments, so that investment of foreign capital would not be hindered; foreclosures on houses demanded by banks -due to unpaid mortgages, the growing national movement of homeless of nations; many focused on the sad pictures that were emotional  and disturbing to any one that had blood in their veins and could be called human with compassion rather than the cause. Sure this is an issue concerning superpowers losing power in their governments as a nation. Then watching this power being developed else where with the presence of Industry and the continuous growth of wealth But where does that leave societies? 


At the time in the month of October 2008, a Deep Recession had set in: it started in the stock exchange in Wall Street, where an investment bubble had been produced in realestate  interests and stocks related to development and industry, that were successful, but only  for a planned period. Then things changed, when massive selling forced some financial groups to pay out without receiving more money for investment leading to bankruptcy; this then led to a combination of different reactions of money drying up in the market. Who were the winners and losers? Common people; where as the cliques withdrew gracefully making there way else where…..enthics where never questioned. Who was to blame for not protecting society from  such ludicrious games? Personally I do not know. However , I do blame some economic advisors, the governments and the financial institutions.


Ecomomic policies, economic games, political policies and unethical practises must be brought to justice: not to be put on trial based on common laws, but to be put on trial based on ethical laws that jeapordise the well being of common people and robbing the young generations of common things such as Education, health care and a future!



All these issues focus on the cause of the economic crisis that we are living through today. How? you might ask. This will be further expressed and later discussed in a poem.




This is Crunch Time!!


This Is Crunch Time!

When things will get worse,

Before they get fine!

When everyone knows ‘n’ thinks..they had saved, a bit to have..

Then discover that it’s..all ABSORBED’ n’ we have been HAD..

Watch it all, sink’n’dive!



It’s a time, when Banks used to be our friends…

Creating an image, we wanted’n’ dreamed to hold ‘n’ have…

Now, they have transformed to Pit Bulls AND we are the thieves…we’re Had!

Markets saturated and interests at a pause…

Jobs we all had once…now lost seems forever’n’worse…

Leaving things in a decline, with incomes in history… undefined!



Saying: “All will be fine ” Is a test to see…

They will have to change’n’ chop…Economic’n’ Political Policy!







What will become of Governments, that have embessled the future..

A Future our Grand kids to see…them paying taxes to the EU

Because Past GOVERNMENTS and their  Ministers, had no Creed!

How will people pay, all  that is to be payed…

When money is owed, in a continuous chain..

Money never paid… never seen…all demanded  left in swirl to spin and drain !



We need  Eco Policies, for an Eco Economy!

They would have to create work , With in mind ECOLOGY !

Where Inflation- NEEDS TO BE deflation- IN A CRISIS  for things to work fine!

An Indusrty regulated humanely, that could cover all to  be fine…

Employment ‘n’ profits, production ‘n’  marketing, that can work..

NOT for ALL to be pocketed by THE MAN , with OFF SHORES and  tax free querks!



Economies should  invest in Eco Industry..

For things to work..try’n’see!

We have a mind, let’s put it to the test ..

It is not, the Ism’s, that work the best!

It’s the brain, between the ears, that’s worth two bits..

That can leave each and every one of us, with two cents to keep!



Think of solutions..We should do and can!

We have the technology, the information ‘the know how ‘at hand!

Get rid of the greed…embesselers…crooks of the game

Find solutions…for societies to function…

That are humane!

The ability we all I say!



Hey! Let me tell you a SECRET ,The secret is..

We are  NOT IMMORTAL ,we are here temporarily…

I have never seen anyone die..

Taking their wealth with then to be…if so it would be a LIE!

Nature is a SYSTEM, we can never beat..

Nature, MAN  ,we can never defy nor compete!




I  have lived on a rock, an isle you see..

Where my mouth I should sock ‘n’ the future to see!

Crunch TIme is felt with a punch… most can’t see..

Surviving it..

We need to reconstruct..before we destruct, can’t you see???!!



Splashpenningitout(C)DebbiePapadakis 28th July 2010.


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