Let it not be ignored and known, FACEBOOK is a document library and digital record of your personal statements [posts] and identity information [ images, family members, career, qualifications] , which you have willingly provided to Facebook Inc at no cost.

For Australians like me, this means we are recording and providing our personal information to a foreign owned company, with different laws and jurisdiction, being the U.S.

Regardless of whether you make statements on Facebook and social media platforms for leisure and for engagement in topical discussions or issues, you are effectively and subconsciously making statements via posts on social media platforms without careful thought to the laws that apply to different regions which your posts are being delivered to your counter parties who are in other regions and jurisdictions.

>> So it would be prudent for me to suggest by being offered a FREE communication messaging tool like Facebook, you are being provoked to make unconscionable statements, and provide your private data unconscionable. This is the conclusion I have derived.


The more significant problem is that, there is different cross border laws, and the jurisdictions your data applies to, but be aware, that the U.S based Facebook Inc, will attempt to use its legal armada to hold you accountable under U.S Law and Courts, and our friendly Australian government, who is their bilateral yes man, will be limited in what they can do to assist you.

So under the proposition of globalization through free offerings of tools and communication of social connectivity between citizens of the world, this social interaction between citizens of different nations and jurisdictions would present a significant problem and obstacle for power hungry governments whom have a globalization agenda through one world international law.

So the jurisdiction issues I mention above, are an impediment to one international law desired by world powers, which would prudently use the technically electronic connectivity of the people across the globe, as a  key subconscious propaganda mechanism to achieve one uniform international law structure and hence unilateral jurisdiction for all.

But this is ludicrous, Governments are selling people from all nations a global connectivity structure now available, via the World Wide Web and social media. This is almost certainly a subconscious slogan to convince world citizens we are now connected.

If this is the case, then try swimming across the Pacific and Continental oceans, continents are divided by oceans, thousands of years of developed value systems and culture, strong dedication to religion, food, mythology, kings and queens who rained and pursued larger borders, and thus we cannot be connected as one whole continent of people by the sales pitch of an internet connection.

So the agenda is exposed for international law to hold you accountable for your social interactions via the subconscious social media messaging tools.

Be careful people, keep your comments simple, and to the point.

Our Australian government is now collecting our information. As you have seen, they use Facebook posts for criminal investigations and to monitor political groups, under the guise of maintaining social order and law enforcement.

>>> So your posts and data on Facebook Inc are a series of information our Australian government can use to provoke you into social order. We are effectively allegedly providing incriminating information until proven innocent, as profiling will be used regardless the nature and subconscious intention of your statement.

This is a serious problem for citizens and Facebook users.


Can you imagine running a government and having a data collection tool on your citizens, which records, not only birth details on a piece of paper, but images of you in all periods of your life cycle, from a toddler to an old senior, as we all continue to post our information happily.

This is a WIN! and dream of any government, to have all these new categories of information that were not available before, suchas, DNA, images, timeline and events, interests, business info, images of your ageing and your families.

My point is, FACEBOOK now provides them with categories of data, that governments in history would not have thought possible.

How was this significant achievement possible? It is a FREE communication tool.

So you get free communication messaging across the globe, and in return within your communications between your family and friends, you indirectly upload your information to convey your messages to the other party.



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