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Meet Marianna Holoway – International Interior Designer 


Marianna Holoway is an American Designer – Architect, born in Greece, but above all she is a citizen of the world. She studied interior design in Thessaloniki then continued her studies at the University of New York where she graduated with a masters in Architecture.

Fluent in 4-langauges with a master’s degree in fine arts, bachelor degree in architecture and 18-years experience pushing the boundaries of engineering technology and aesthetics from conceptualization to final product development in 7-countries.


GUESS Shoe Store

CORIAN-CUSTOM-MADE-BEACH-ALMIRA-MARE-HOTEL-BAR-finished-50.000-with-the-shipping-33feetCustom made Corian Beach bar

Marianna has specialized in architectural and industrial design. Part of the practice session she did was in Las Vegas where she was asked to design restaurants, cafes and clubs in large hotels. Her innovative lighting design concept was accepted and used in the Mix Restaurant in the Mandalay Bay Hotel.



Following Thierry Mugler in 2011 it was her turn to carve a new custom version of the Spire Boat. The faster catamaran in this category (Vice-World Champion in offshore racing in 2007). A nautical jewel whole in elegance and sophistication. She was the exclusive designer of Crystal Spire Boat 2012 and the only female boat designer to date

Happy and relaxed she changes roles from architect, designer, art director to interior decorator and exhibition and event organizer for a highly selective customer portfolio.


Le Patron All Day Restaurant


Monaco Casino

Rome 2009, she received the International Design Award and in 2012 her Boat, Crystal Spire Boat, was named as a tender boat of the year by Platinum Departures,Yacht Luxury and Charterworld.

Over the course of these varied commissions, she did not develop one distinct aesthetic or a preference for certain materials. Rather, she addressed the needs of an individual client, whether it was the somewhat conservative character of state apartments or the more flamboyant tone needed for a trendy nightclub.

Marianna Holoway is known for her constant search of new forms and materials from which she emanates modern and familiar constructions.

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With pleasure Hellenic Union Org presents Marianna Holoway. For more information and service enquiries visit link below.




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