HU.Org – Who We Are

Our Founder

Hellenic Union.Org is a non-profit organisation classed as an social and cultural society founded by Arthur Kokontis an Australian born resident and the Director of Sitnok Global Business Intelligence Corp – [] a global markets research company.

Hellenic Union.Org is a subsidiary organisation of Sitnok Global Business Intelligence Corp Pty Ltd – an Australian registered company [A.C.N 100 581 833].



–  Information engine and database for Hellenic categories

– Information source for the World

– Hard-line journalism on Hellenic and World topics

– Unite the world’s Hellenic people


The progress and development of the worlds Hellenic people is our foundation.


Director / Author of HU.Org  – Arthur Kokontis  – is a Finance graduate and alumni of the University of New South Wales in Australia. He has 15 years in banking and finance, predominately in financial markets. He spent the last 1.5 years developing a global markets research firm

Arthur’s parents migrated from Patras and Korinthios, Greece to Australia in the late 1960’s.

Editor /Author / Journalist – Savvas Tsetsos Limnatitis – a Greek Cypriot person and now resident of Australia – an author and writer, who holds a portfolio of publications, a journalist who is fluent in the Greek and Cypriot languages and dialects.

His experience in writing and journalism claims a resume which spans leading international Hellenic media and news papers such as:

O Kosmos  – Greek Herald – Epsilon Magazine – Ellinon Logos – Metropolis

Savvas – is passionate about the Hellenic people of the world and their history.


The Idea of Unity of the Hellenic People of the World

With the financial and economic crisis that has gripped Greece along with a recent refugee migration problem – a necessity of unity was brought about in ones mind – to protect and preserve the Hellenic peoples ancestors goals and aspirations for the development of the Hellenic Republic (Greece) and its people.

The necessity in ones mind began – we must unite to protect our sovereignty and heritage and to leave our footprints for future generations to follow.

A platform of unity is needed to allow the Hellenic people world-wide to connect, be educated and be informed of current developments and challenges,  of fellow Hellene’s achievements and current events and progress shaping our main Hellenic regions Greece and Cyprus.

Unity to educate and improve the prosperity of our children, bring about social, personal development and economic change to our world Hellenic community, who could then ultimately develop our homeland Greece to the Hellenic heritage, sovereign and economy our parents and their parents were fortunate to inherit – a condition for the Hellenic people of the world to enjoy indefinitely.

Our Hellenic Ancestors contribution to Science

All Sciences today embody Greek Mathematics. How can a region that created a scientific and mathematical system used to develop the most advanced technologies, build the tallest buildings and largest dams in the world – be in a position of financial crisis today.

The study of mathematics as a demonstrative discipline begins in the 6th century BC with the Pythagoreans, who coined the term “mathematics” from the ancient Greek μάθημα (mathema), meaning “subject of instruction”.

Greek mathematics greatly refined the methods (especially through the introduction of deductive reasoning and mathematical rigor in proofs) and expanded the subject matter of mathematics.

The World is Changing

With the above in mind – and the challenges identified by Arthur Kokontis – there is global consensus the information and digital age has changed the world for ever.

It also presents new challenges in a globalized world were Hellenic Republic citizens and members of the European Union – are given free reign to endeavor across borders with their intellectual capital and labor to serve other countries – leaving Greece behind in a state of vulnerability.

By uniting the Hellenic people of the world  – it is our mission and belief this is the necessary condition to restoring and preserving our heritage, respecting our ancestors and parents sacrifice, and protecting our homeland from losing its core Hellenic values and sovereignty.

Hellenic people are very successful on the global commerce stage, in sciences, the arts, athletics and sports, music and across most social categories.

As a world union we can together improve and develop the Hellenic peoples footprint in global commerce and contribute to our Hellenice homeland regions, Greece and Cyprus, social, political and economic development and its progress towards being once again a thriving metropolis.



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